There are a lot of cheap UK pallet network couriers, but we believe we can provide best prices and best service
at the same time. Our service is dedicated and direct so if you need to send a piece of furniture, large item, cage or pallets in the UK, you can trust us to deliver. Our 3.5T vehicle fitted with air suspension will deliver your goods safely minimizing risk of damage. The driver who collect your goods will deliver them looking after them during whole length of the journey. No reloading, no third part involved. We specialize in pallets, large and small items in UK and EU. If we accept job we can be sure we will provide best possible service!


We can provide dedicated transport for your goods and helping hand when loading and unloading. We don't have 2 man team, but pallet truck and sack truck are always present and price for the transport service will be unbeatable. Our experience has been attributed from the knowledge and skills gained through many years of helping companies and individuals of all sizes move and relocate. We can move your goods  successfully, giving you a convenient, stress-free service that can’t be beaten. Our vehicle is equipped with covers, blankets, corner protectors, straps etc to ensure your goods are fully protected in transport.

We are based in Bristol, but wherever you are in UK please talk to us if we can find best solution for you and your load.